“I had the best night sleep ever after that yoga nidra yesterday, I almost slept through my alarm, thank you so much.”


“Mhari is very calm and kind. I know it has helped a lot of people in our school. It really helps my friends realise stress so that they aren’t taking it out on me….the environment is very calm and you feel like you could say anything.” 

School Pupil

“After being with you she did all her work and was able to concentrate and keep on task the whole day. That is a first for her.”  

Class Teacher

 “He loves coming because he doesn’t have to worry about being himself and being judged. I really notice a difference in him, he is much calmer at home and has strategies now to help when he feels overwhelmed.” 

Parent of child in one to one therapy.

“They learnt practical tools to find comfort in their bodies when stressed and this allowed the capacity to communicate with one another.” 

Speech and Language Therapist

“I have noticed a massive difference in her since coming to see you. She is much happier. We have been practicing the heart meditations you recommended and she is now sleeping right through the night.”  

Parent of child in 1:1 therapy

“Relaxed and energised.”

Participant of Yoga

“I am trying to do the full yoga breath each day as I find it is very beneficial. I don’t think I had ever filled my lungs so full.” 

Participant of Breathing for Wellbeing

“Mhari has excellent rapport with people and a gentle way of working alongside people that can inspire confidence.”

Manager Sense Scotland

“Mhari has shown exemplary professionalism when working across the school community with a very good focus on mental health and working on meeting the needs of our children and families, in collaborating respectfully with school staff and partners. Mhari’s professionalism has impacted significantly in terms of positive outcomes, in taking the school vision, the needs of the children and families forward, working on developing lifelong skills, safeguarding of our youngsters and contributing effectively to GIRFEC and attainment outcomes across all stages.

Head Teacher, Mount Cameron Primary School.

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