About Me




My background is working creatively with adults, children, young people, families, carers and professionals to develop their potential, in particular, but not limited to, those with non-verbal communication. Through this work I became aware of how the body speaks and has great wisdom.

I am a registered dance movement psychotherapist with ADMP UK and yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. I have completed training with Special Yoga (British Wheel of Yoga) on mindfulness with children who have a diagnosis of Autism and ADHD. I have also attended Attachment-Based Yoga and Meditation for Trauma Recovery training with Deirdre Fay.

I work as an an integrative therapist privately and in education. I offer one to one and group therapy; bespoke packages of supports for families; consultations for parents, school leaders and organisations; Mindful Yoga and workshops.

Recently I worked in schools with Place2Be as a counsellor, manager and supervisor. I facilitated parent partnership meetings to consider strategies to apply at home to support the family. I also provide emotional coaching training and a space to reflect with teachers who may be experiencing stress from a child’s behaviour in class; together we see how best to support them and the child.

I authored the book: Parents 10 Top Tips for living with autism working with parents and their expert tips to create a book.

Go to: myautismresource.wordpress.com/parents-hints-and-tips/

If you are interested in working together get in touch through my contact page.

What people have said:

“Mhari is very calm and kind. I know it has helped a lot of people in our school. It really helps my friends realise stress so that they aren’t taking it out on me. I have been to support a friend and the environment is very calm and you feel like you could say anything.” Pupil.

“After being with you she did all her work and was able to concentrate and keep on task the whole day. That is a first for her.” Class teacher     

“Beforehand I had felt how I do after many days- drained and fatigued. I felt relaxed and nourished after the practice. I was still tired but in a sense that I was ready to end my day.” Participant of yoga class.

“He loves coming because he doesn’t have to worry about being himself and being judged. I really notice a difference in him, he is much calmer at home and has strategies now to help when he feels overwhelmed. ”Parent of child in one to one therapy.

“The children learnt practical tools to find comfort in their bodies when stressed and this allowed the capacity to communicate with one another.” Speech and Language Therapist

“This is the first time he has spoken to me.” Support worker caring for a child who was non-verbal.

“I have noticed a massive difference in her since coming to see you. She is much happier. We have been practicing the heart meditations you recommended and she is now sleeping right through the night.” Parent of child in one to one therapy.

“For the first time I felt understood. After coming to see you I felt less stressed and able to speak to my husband and we resolved the difficulties we were having. Thank you.”  Parent Partnership, Place2Be .

“I had the best night sleep ever after that yoga nidra yesterday, I almost slept through my alarm, thank you so much.” Class teacher

“Mhari has excellent rapport with people and a gentle way of working alongside people that can inspire confidence.” Manager, Sense Scotland

“Mhari has shown exemplary professionalism when working across the school community with a very good focus on mental health and working on meeting the needs of our children and families, in collaborating respectfully with school staff and partners. Mhari’s professionalism has impacted significantly in terms of positive outcomes, in taking the school vision, the needs of the children and families forward, working on developing lifelong skills, safeguarding of our youngsters and contributing effectively to GIRFEC and attainment outcomes across all stages. “ Head teacher, Mount Cameron Primary School







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