Mhari can work with your organisation to create creative, bespoke trainings to build communication skills and relationships in teams. Previously she ran a team building workshop for Scottish Water.

“I was surprised by how the atmosphere in the office changed and became peaceful.” Participant.

Parent Consultations

Parent consultations with Mhari are an opportunity to assess the needs of your child, understand their behaviour, develop support strategies at home and learn self-care practices to enhance your wellbeing and confidence to support your child. An initial consultation with parents or carers allows a space to assess the needs of the child and family and identify appropriate therapeutic support.

Teacher Consultations

Teacher consultations provide a space to reflect with teachers and school leaders who may be experiencing stress from children’s behaviour in class; together we see how best to resource you, the school and the child.

Mhari has specialist communication skills working with individuals who have autism,  sensory differences and additional support needs. She can offer bespoke trainings to support families, carers and staff such as emotional coaching skills to develop communication when working with others.

If interested contact Mhari for an initial meeting to assess the needs of your family, team or organisation.