About me

Photograph by Verena Zschoche-Wennholtz

I am a mover and a shaker, an aunty, a psychotherapist, yoga teacher, trainer and artist. At the heart of my work is embodied listening with my-self and with others; adults, young people, children, families and professionals. I collaborate with you so that you may develop your full potential. Through working creatively with individuals who have non-verbal communication at Sense Scotland, with Itay Yatuv and Wayne McGregor dance company, I became aware of how important the breath and communication through movement is for building relationships and supporting mental health and wellbeing. I learnt that the body holds memories, resources, speaks and has great wisdom.

I work privately as an Integrative Psychotherapist. I am a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist (DMP) with ADMP UK.  DMP is a relational and creative process that recognises body movement as an implicit and expressive instrument of communication. ADMP UK is an organisational member of UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) and follows their ethical code of professional practice.

My experience as a psychotherapist working 1:1 and in groups with children, young people and adults with Place2Be has enhanced my awareness of how crucial early therapeutic intervention is to support individuals whole self (emotional, social, spiritual and physical).

Recently my colleague, Ruby Worth (RADMP) and I developed and delivered Embodied Learning with young people in a local primary school. Collaborating with Ruby and the young people themselves to evolve the programme. We discovered creative ways of understanding and communicating difficult feelings around the pandemic and every day life. Young people reported feeling more confident and that they used embodied learning techniques to support sleep, concentration in class and awareness of their feelings in the moment.

I enjoy offering 1:1 Consultations and Bespoke trainings to support students and professionals mental health & wellbeing. These trainings are informed by neuroscience, relevant theory and practical experience in order to develop understanding, build confidence and creative ways through challenging situations. Organisations I have worked with: Common Thread, Perth College, Moray Counsellors Alliance, Addictions Counselling Inverness, Rowan Consultancy, British Association of Art Therapists and Cairngorms National Park Authority.

As well as my private practice I work part time as counselling manager for the children and young people schools service with Cross Reach.

What People Say

I live alone and am happy in my own company but as a hugger I miss physical contact with friends. I could feel the circulation being stimulated and a warmth under my skin; a real self-hug!”

Participant of Wellbeing training.

 “He loves coming because he doesn’t have to worry about being himself and being judged. I really notice a difference in him, he is much calmer at home and has strategies now to help when he feels overwhelmed.” 

Parent of child in one to one therapy

“Mhari has shown exemplary professionalism when working across the school community with a very good focus on mental health and working on meeting the needs of our children and families, in collaborating respectfully with school staff and partners. Mhari’s professionalism has impacted significantly in terms of positive outcomes, in taking the school vision, the needs of the children and families forward, working on developing lifelong skills, safeguarding of our youngsters and contributing effectively to GIRFEC and attainment outcomes across all stages.

Head Teacher, Mount Cameron Primary School