If you are struggling to cope or feeling disconnected from yourself or others Psychotherapy could help you. Individual sessions support a dialogue in the moment to moment experience of our body and mind. We may use props that support a movement dialogue, creative and or verbal ways of relating. Work with the innate wisdom of your body to develop resources within yourself to flourish. £45-60 for 1 hour sliding scale depending on household income. Contact Mhari to book an appointment and for more information click here.

“For the first time I felt understood. After coming to see you I felt less stressed and able to speak to my husband and we resolved the difficulties we were having. Thank you.”  


COVID Breathing for Wellbeing

Training for you and or your organisation to support wellbeing and confidence at work. Breathing techniques & movement to support anxiety, the respiratory system, sleeping and the immune system. You will have access to hand outs on guided exercises and techniques to practice at home and at apply at work.

“I am trying to do the full yoga breath each day as I find it is very beneficial. I don’t think I had ever filled my lungs so full.” 


1:1 Mindful Yoga

Bespoke sessions to support your respiratory and immune systems. £45 for 1 hour. For a free audio of Full Yoga Breath contact Mhari.

“I really enjoyed the tapping and self touch; I live alone and am happy in my own company but as a hugger I miss physical contact with friends. I could feel the circulation being stimulated and a warmth under my skin; a real self-hug!”


Space to Be

Space to Be promotes wellbeing through body awareness exercises, dance/movement meditations, music and relaxation. Notice how breath moves the body and resources you. Stress can create dis-ease in the body. Come along and de-stress with others. Influenced by Yoga, Qigong and Body-Mind Centering®

“Relaxed and energised.”


From Sept 2020 I am offering these sessions by donation, so please pay what you feel is right. And please don’t let money stop you from coming along. Guidance on this is a suggested drop in price of £10 or 4 week block £30. Book now.